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This course offers practical skills underpinned by sound theoretical understanding in the analysis, design and development of computer-based systems.an understanding of the hardware, software and network infrastructure that supports them; fundamental insights into the contexts in which they arise and operate and an appreciation of the social, ethical and professional issues associated with their development and operation.

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The degree consists of 12 courses. You can choose from one of four study routes – a general pathway and three specialist pathways in Human Resource Management, International Business, and Marketing.The total cost of the BSc in Business Administration in terms of fees payable to the University is £5,138. This figure, calculated using the 2016-17 fees, does not reflect any annual fee increase and assumes completion in the three year minimum study period. We estimate that to complete in the minimum study period you should be prepared to devote 25 hours per week during the academic year.

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This programme provides a thorough grounding in functional issues in management and is a qualification in its own right. It also empowers those who seek to gain entry to our MSc and MBA programmes. The student group consists of those studying the GDBA as a standalone qualification, as well as those undertaking both the first year of the MBA 24/21 month programmes, and the first year of the MSc 24 month programmes.

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